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LED Painter PCB

A partially populated LED Painter PCB
The backside of an LED Painter PCB
LED Painter Kit Contents

Building on the success of our popular 16 Ch. RGB LED Driver PCB, we designed the LED Painter. The LED Painter is a 16 channel RGB LED controller (or 48 independent LEDs) using the Texas Instrument TLC5940. This PCB is improved with a better layout that allows easy connection of independent LEDs (not just RGB), as well as the ability to daisy chain multiple boards together.

The TLC5940 IC is implemented in this design because it is easy to use and can be controlled with a variety of microcontrollers such at the Parallax Propeller or the Arduino. Each TLC5940 has 16 channels with 12 bit grayscale PWM control on each channel. Your microcontroller will connect to the TLC5940 using only a couple of pins and a serial like interface for controlling the intensity of each channel. If you don't have a microcontroller you can use the Prop Blade as your system controller.

The LED Painter PCB is provided without components, so it makes a great project for you to assemble. This PCB design requires both through-hole devices and SMT components. Don't worry, the SMT devices are 1206 size and are easily soldered even if you have minimal soldering experience. The datasheet provides further details about the design of the PCB, the bill of materials needed to assemble the PCB, and high resolution images of the PCB.

Nine LED Painters were recently used in a project to create "LED windows." You can check out a brief video of the installation here. Eventually we will write an application note detailing this installation, but in the mean time you can review a similar application note of our Living Room LED System as the design is similar.

Check out the Prop Blade, a Propeller based controller for use with the LED Painter.

If you don't want to source the components yourself then consider getting one of a kit which includes a PCB and the components for assembling the LED Painter. All components are included except the LED headers. The kit includes both through-hole and 1206 SMT components. If you would also like to get the LED Connectors, we offer an additional kit with 16 male/female connectors and crimp pins.

Check out our "Controllable RGB LED system for your home or office" over at Instructables which uses the LED Painter.

An installation using 3 LED Painters
Closeup of an installed LED Painter with wiring
An LED Painter along with a Prop Blade controller, LEDs and external voltage regulator


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