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Sun SPOT eProto PCB

The front of a bare eProto PCB
The eProto PCB
The back of a bare eProto PCB

Brilldea is proud to offer an eProto PCB for the Sun Microsystems Sun SPOT. What is the Sun SPOT? The Sun SPOT is an embedded wireless sensor system that runs JAVA on an ARM processor. The eProto is an application board designed for adding your own circuitry and experiments to the Sun SPOT. The eProto attaches to the main processor board of the Sun SPOT and fits within the case, just like the eDemo PCB that comes in the Sun SPOT developer kit.

The eProto PCB was produced from the open source Gerber files found on the eProto Development Home site. The eProto is a four layer board and our edition of the product will have a red solder mask. A bill of materials, schematic and assembly details can be found in the downloads just to your right.

The eProto PCB product is a bare PCB ready for assembly. You supply the components and labor to assemble the device. Most components are available through Digikey. Support for the Sun SPOT and eProto can be found on the Sun SPOT World Forum. If you don't want to source the components yourself, check out our PCB & Kit of Parts package.

a populated eProto PCB top side (picture from Sun Microsystems)
a populated eProto PCB bottom side (picture from Sun Microsystems)
eProto assembledin a SunSPOT


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  • Bare PCB & Kit of Parts: US$39.95

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